BFitX is 30 minutes of high intensity, high energy, functional fitness that utilizes body-weight movements and light to moderate loads. Great for beginners and fitness addicts alike.

Our Programming Philosophy:

The needs of our athletes differ by degree not by type. We believe that everyone should practice constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. It is our goal to prepare our athletes for the unknown and unknowable conditions of their lives. We accomplish this by exposing our athletes to a broad range of stimulus to elicit a broad range of adaptation.

Our Goals:

Bourne Fitness Company’s ultimate goal is to have a group of athletes that move well, feel good, smile often, and perform to the upper limits of their capacities every day. If our members leave the gym excited to come back another day, with a little more fitness, and a lot more confidence, we have done our jobs. We are simple in our approach, and relentless in our application.